Who Is An Electrician in Canada?

Who Is An Electrician in Canada?

It is easy to take electricity for granted until the power goes out. That is...

It is easy to take electricity for granted until the power goes out. That is why we rely on this featured career the Electrician! In this article, we want to talk about this job and everything you need to know about it, especially in Canada. Keep along with us.

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What Is The Job Description Of An Electrician In Canada?

Electrician In Canada - Job Description

In Canada, the description of this job is pretty much like the other countries such as the US. However, the experiments, certifications, and educational requirements might be slightly different.

According to the 2021 version of the national occupational classification (NOC) updates. An electrical expert in Canada is a skilled and well-trained person who can install, repair, test, and troubleshoot the electrical arrangements, and systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and any other fields as well. 

Suppose you love this career and want to take a related position in this field. In that case, you should be familiar with or even master many tasks, such as layout and planning of wiring to installation to finding and repairing circuits and electrical devices.

Anything from building hoses that they get to put in, receptacles, and lights, to working in sawmills, pulp mills, hospitals, or even some schools; there are so many different things that you get to do in this trade that will be included in your field of activity.

It is exciting! Because it is about technology and related fields. Therefore, an electrical person will grow with technology, as electricity is the basis of tech. 

Who Does An Electrical Expert Work With?

Electrical experts commonly work for electrical contractors or building maintenance departments. Also, they may be self-employed. 

If you intend to work in this field, you might have an interest in mechanical processes and wiring and must be detailed and exact in your work.

What Exactly Is The Electrical Expert’S Role In A Regular Worksite?

As an electrical expert, you should ensure everything goes right in any electrical system. In this regard, you have all your amenities, all your utilities, your cables, your television, your telephone, your power right from the poles outside, manage and control right to every room in the house whether it be the kitchen or the bathroom, and all of them might be safely working without any disruption.

One of the most favorite parts of this job is the necessity of teamwork. In the electrical teams, people are working with engineers and technicians in every section, from designing to carpenters, or even concrete guys. 

So, you are going to make sure everything is done ahead of time before anybody else can go forward in their trade.

As an electrical expert, you should have a plan or layout, look at the drawings, and know where all your appliances will be. Then you will start to identify your needs and requirements for the site. 

There should be an exact layout to show you where the dishwasher, telephones, and all the receptacles go onto the counter. Then, you should start drilling holes and say that is where you need to go. 

It means that you need to learn your drawings inside and out. So, You need to be able to read a print very well. Because the last thing you want is your kitchen not to be lit properly when you are trying to get into the fridge! 

What Is An Electrical Control Center?

The control center is the central part of the house. This is the mechanical room, where all the electrical and mechanical stuff, and everything else is going to be. 

So, this is the beginning stage of your electrical journey. There would be a few breakers in the building. 

These parts are commonly filled right up when the construction work or electrical job is finished. You will get one light switch and a couple of receptacles ready for your first inspection there. 

What Skills Do You Need To Be An Electrician In Canada?

You need to be able to work with your hands and you should be able to coordinate to go up and down ladders safely! 

Math is also fundamental, as you do a lot of math. Sometimes building stuff and its switch gears are all number based. Everything has many different formulas! 

Therefore, at least a grade 12 education is imperative. However, if you pass four years of college, you may have better job opportunities. 

What Are The Work Hours Of An Electrical Expert In Canada?

Hours can range from 16 hours down to 8 hours a day or even less, depending on whether it slows time or not. It is completely a seasonal trade. 

What Are The Common Job Titles Of An Electrical Expert?

  • Apprentice electrician
  • Construction electrical expert
  • Construction electrical apprentice
  • Domestic and rural electrical expert
  • Electrician

What Are The Duties Of An Electrical Expert?

  • Being familiar with drawings, circuit diagrams, and electrical code specifications while interpreting them specifically
  • Wiring through walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Installing necessary equipment to support electrical stuff
  • Installing, replacing, and repairing electrical fixtures, lightings, and distribution equipment, such as switches, and circuit breaker panels
  • Creating electrical circuits by connecting wires to fixtures and components 
  • Ensuring the compatibility and safety of electrical systems, and testing the circuits using appropriate equipment 
  • Troubleshooting the electrical systems and replacing parts if required
  • Maintenance of all implemented systems

How to Become An Electrician in Canada?

To become an electrical expert in Canada, you will need a minimum of four years of apprenticeship. 

The first three years will require a minimum of 1560 hours of on-site job training as well as eight weeks of technical training. 

The last and final year will need 1440 hours of on-the-site training as well as 12 weeks of technical training. 

Once these minimum requirements are met and you complete your training modules and exams, you will be awarded a journeyperson certificate.

When you pass the inter-provincial standards, and red seal examination for your trade, which is usually administered through your province’s apprenticeship office, you will receive something called the Red Seal. 

The Canadian Red Seal is a certification recognized as the standard amongst trades work in Canada. 

What Are The Advantages of Being An Electrical Expert?

Electrician In Canada - Advantages of being an electrician in Canada

The advantages of being an electrical expert are as follows:

  • You can make good money.
  • Your workload will be acceptable.
  • You do not have to work on weekends and holidays.
  • The balance of your work-life will be acceptable.
  • You will have job security.
  • There will be a good job prospects and outlook.
  • You can work as a self-employed person.
  • You do not have to work in a classical office form.
  • You may have your side jobs.
  • Considering the importance of the career and the significant income, you will have high job satisfaction.
  • You will be a respectable handyman who helps friends and family.
  • You may avoid hard physical work.
  • Electrical experts are in demand now, and new projects are always coming up. Therefore, if you do not enjoy the work environment or are unhappy with your boss, or team members, you can find another job quickly.

What Are The Disadvantages of Being An Electrical Expert?

The disadvantages of being an electrical expert are as follows:

  • You cannot do your job remotely.
  • You should be reliable enough and take responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Your job can be dangerous. Therefore, you should carefully follow the safety tips to avoid possible risks.
  • Relatives and friends will always expect to get technical help from you
  • Your job could be challenging.
  • You need to spend four or five years on an apprenticeship.
  • You always have to improve your skills
  • There are not many promotion opportunities in this field
  • Sometimes there are lots of people you are working around, which are swearing and saying go over things! So, it is not always the most fun place to be.
  • Mostly you are working inside doing wiring and stuff like that but sometimes it requires you to be outside like if you are doing outdoor lights for walkways, or street lighting. Also, sometimes it requires digging and sometimes heavy lifting for objects.

What Is The Average Salary of An Electrician in Canada?

The average salary for this career in Canada is sixty thousand dollars. However, this can easily surpass eighty thousand dollars depending on the employer, job site, and experience.

 In unions, however, you may expect this number to go upwards of ninety thousand dollars in addition to benefits. 

Of course, salary should not be your only consideration in the trade. You also will have a pleasant lifestyle. The country contains many beautiful cities and islands, which despite the small population size have many complexes and large projects.

Therefore, you can enjoy living in a cozy, quiet place, and sightseeing while you have a reliable job and income. 

The Bottom Line

Being an electrician is an exciting job that could be yours. If you are looking for a career that provides you with decent income and job security with or without any college requirements, apply for an electrical apprenticeship. Good luck!

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