How to Choose The Right Electrician For Your Project

How to Choose The Right Electrician For Your Project

The electrical system is among the most important parts of anyone’s house. Therefore, its functionality...

The electrical system is among the most important parts of anyone’s house. Therefore, its functionality affects every aspect of your life. We all face times in our lives when some little part of this system goes wrong or does not work as well as it should. 

These are the times when you start looking for an electrical person. Due to the importance of this system and the effects it has on day-to-day life, finding an expert who knows their way around is crucial, and let’s be honest, it is not a simple task. 

You might ask yourself, how do I find a potential electrician near me? And truth be told, it is not easy, but we are here to help. In this article, we are going over the factors you must consider when hiring such an expert person, looking at the qualities that make someone trustworthy in this profession. Keep along with us!

Why Is Choosing The Right Electrician Vital For Your Project?

Imagine someone Mis-wiring your house on accident! That is indeed terrifying, and it could certainly lead to very dangerous occurrences. By picking the right electrician, you lower the risks of any probable mistakes. 

This is also someone who is going to step into your house. Therefore, it is crucial to pick someone who does not invade your privacy and respects your environment. Further, we will discuss each of these aspects more carefully. 

Who Is An Electrician?

The right Electrician  - Who Is An Electrician?

Electricians are responsible for designing, installing, and troubleshooting wiring systems in different environments. These environments include houses, commercial sites and buildings, machines, and large equipment. 

The two main concentrations for electricians are either inside wiremen or outside linemen. Although there are various specializations under these titles. Furthermore, service electricians mostly make repairs and troubleshoot wiring issues while construction electricians lay new wires for buildings. 

There are also different types of electricians for certain environments such as marine, air, and hospital applications. Before choosing an electrician, it is good to learn more about their profession and the details of their work. In this way, you have some useful information you can use which helps you eliminate options that are not suitable for you and your project. 

Main Categories of Electricians 

Today’s electrician near me is divided into four main categories. These categories differ in the specialization:

  • Residential electricians

Electricians under this category work in all sorts of residential environments such as apartment complexes and houses.

  • Industrial electricians

These electricians work in industrial environments, mostly installing electrical components to industrial machines and equipment. 

  • Commercial electricians

Under this title, electricians work in commercial workspaces such as retail outlets, offices, hospitals, and other industrial facilities. These people usually repair or install certain electrical systems in these environments.

  • Low voltage electricians 

These electricians usually work with low-voltage systems. These professionals are also called VDV electricians in the industry. These people usually work on phone lines and cable repair in installation in different settings. 

What Are The Main Factors I Should Look For When Choosing An Electrician Near Me?

the right electrician - What Are The Main Factors I Should Look For When Choosing An Electrician Near Me?

Here are some factors that you must investigate about an electrical contractor before hiring them.

  • Reputation

Obviously, a good reputation is among the things that help you choose more decisively. It is much easier to figure out the quality of a particular service when you hear reviews from people. 

Receiving recommendations or reading feedback online helps with this matter. Some electrical teams have specialized websites you can go through in order to read the clients’ reviews. Customer ratings come in handy when picking an electrician, so do not skip this step!

  • License 

An accurate license is among the most important things you should look for. When you hire someone to perform at your house, you need to make sure they are well-licensed and insured. 

This means that the electricians have the proper and necessary training for your project, leading to fewer risks and possible mistakes. Furthermore, there are two main types of electrical licenses. 

One is more like a permit while the other one is a complete electrical license. Your issue is probably resolved much better when you receive full professional service.

  • The electrical team

Most electricians work under a company or organization’s name, meaning they are part of an electrical team. 

These teams usually have master electricians as well as journeyman electricians (the ones with a permit) it is important to know who is exactly in charge of providing your services. In this way, you can make sure of how professional they are. 

It is also good to ensure that every member of the team arriving at your house has all the noted qualities such as a proper license and insurance. 

  • Certifications

An electrician’s certifications prove that they have all the necessary training for your issue. Most certified electricians must have at least 3 years of professional experience in this field. 

Further, you can ensure how professional they are by the warranty they provide for their work. What is a green flag when picking an electrician near me? Well, a diamond certification would do the job. 

  • Pricing

You certainly do not want to be charged more than you should. It is terrifying to be uncertain about the costs of a project and not even know the price range up until it is done. Professional electricians are most likely to give you an estimate on the price range your project falls into. 

  • Warranties

As already mentioned, professional electricians provide warranties and guarantees for their work. 

This is sort of an assurance that your project goes as planned. With such warranties, if any issue occurs, you are covered. Some electrical teams even go so far as offer exemplary work. 

  • Home respect

It is important to make sure that the team stepping into your house respects your home environment. 

You can do so by asking about the crew’s background and making sure they are drug-free. All these qualities increase the professionalism of an electrical team. Some also wear protective covers when arriving at their location.

  • Timing 

When choosing an electrician near me, I should be concerned about the time frame of my project as well as the costs and other factors. A certain project should not take longer than it is supposed to. 

You can figure out how professional an electrician or team is by the time frame they give you. Most professionals provide services the same day since they are aware that your issue might be urgent and affect other aspects of your life. 

Some teams even offer emergency services at any time during the day and night. Moreover, an expert finishes your work in a reasonable time. This means you can get back to your life as soon as possible without having to waste any extra time on such projects.

  • Technology

A professional electrician uses the latest technology to diagnose the problem and solve it. Having full equipment increases efficiency. 

High-tech electricians are less likely to waste your time while providing high-quality services. You can compare different electricians’ equipment to ensure you are making the right decision.

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Questions You Might Want To Consider Before Picking An Electrician 

Once you checked certain factors, it is time to ask yourself some of these questions to ensure you are making the right decision. 

These questions help you eliminate options and get closer to finding a suitable electrician:

  • How neat is their workplace?

A messy workplace is not a good sign. It is important to make sure you are receiving services from neat and tidy people who care about how they get their work done. A messy workplace most likely leads to a messy project and trust me you do not want that!

  • Do they give you access to their clients?

Even if they do not have a website with visible reviews and feedback, most professional electricians will let you access their former clients. The lack of this quality is definitely a red flag. 

  • Are they honest about the project?

Your electricians must be open, honest, and straightforward. They should inform you of all the details regarding your project, how much work it takes, how time-consuming it is, and the probable price range. 

Keep an eye out for teams and electricians who try to cover, hide or deny certain aspects of your project and only give your work to someone who is fully open with you. 

How To Read An Electrician’s Proficiency 

Earlier, we discussed the main roles and categories that electricians fall into. However, there are certain proficiency levels that apply to each electrician. The following categories are merely based on experience and training:

  • Apprentice

Apprentice electricians work under the supervision of a professional in order to gain experience. These people are usually not the most professional workers and are still in training. 

  • Journeyman

After the apprenticeship, an electrician steps into this category. These people are judged by state-approved authorities to receive certain qualifications. It usually takes a few years for an electrician to reach this level.

  • Master

A master electrician is basically an expert. These people usually have years and years of training and experience under different titles. Plus, they have aced the state exam. 

These electricians are usually the head of an electrical team and take control of certain projects. You want to make sure that the team you are hiring consists of at least one master electrician who arrives at the location. 

The Most Common Tasks of An Electrician

You might still be wondering about the specific tasks and duties of an electrician. Here are some of these tasks;

  • Lighting. Fixtures, switches, etc.
  • Power outlets
  • Electrical service connection
  • Circuit for air conditioning and heating
  • Circuit for water heater
  • Outside power
  • Outside lighting 
  • Low voltage wiring
  • Etc.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right electrician is as important as can be. You need to make sure that they are trustworthy and suitable for their job. We all come across times in our lives when we ask “how can I find a good electrician near me?” and “what should I look for when hiring an electrician?” well, there are several different aspects to look for when hiring an electrical team or individual. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are contacting the right category of electricians.

However, some professional electrical teams diagnose your issue and send the right electricians for your particular project. Nevertheless, the proficiency and training of an electrician are something you should look into. Make sure you find reviews and feedback regarding their work and check if they are trustworthy enough! Good luck! 

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